How We Work

For you and for all, here is to a smooth project together!

We need you to familiarize yourself with our project process.

Navigate to to freshen up on how we categorize the steps of each project. Keeping to this helps keep everyone involved with the project clear on where we are and where we are going!

We are happy to accommodate your processes and ways of communication if need be.

On occasion a client may not be able to follow our processes and way of communication—outlined below—and we are willing and able to adjust our usual methods to accommodate, but doing so may affect the timeframe and cost of the project.

Project management and communication happens through Basecamp

In order to keep you and our entire team on the same page, all communication (including submission of content) occurs through our online project management tool called Basecamp— .

Most projects are managed by Chris.


Chris the tech guy and will be the primary contact for projects. Peter handles business aspects including invoicing, sales tax, etc.

Phone and email communication is available, but not preferred.

During the scope of a project, we are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for communication via email or phone. Just email or call 303-872-0272—yet we strongly prefer communication stays through Basecamp as it helps us to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. After the scope of a project ends, phone support is billed hourly unless you purchase one of our Premium Support plans.

In-person meetings may be scheduled as needed, and with ease!

We do our best to remain personable and meeting in person is something we believe facilitates that. Yet, meetings at the client location will be billed hourly and charged a trip fee. Meetings at Envie Media will only be billed at our hourly rate. To efficiently book appointments with us, you can visit

You may also schedule an online meeting with us.

During the scope of a project, we use or Google Hangouts for online meetings or for quick chats.

What do we mean by "content"?

Content means all materials, information, imagery, photography, writings and other creative content provided by Client for use in the preparation of and incorporation in the deliverables of the project.

All content must be submitted through Basecamp.

So no one gets left out, all content necessary to start and complete the project must be submitted via Basecamp.

We must receive ALL of your content before we begin a project.

Just like a good chef will make sure they have all the ingredients and recipe before they begin cooking, we will need all your content before we begin crafting your website or design. We can use placeholder, but the final outcome will cost more if we are required to change the content after we fill it with placeholder content. For E-commerce websites, a fully completed template spreadsheet is required before we upload.

Having trouble creating content? We can help with that.

We want you to not only have a good looking website or design, but also great content. If you aren’t confident with your content, we can provide Content Development and consulting on necessary components—good text, solid photos, and all that jazz—as an extra service.

We do not proofread your content—unless, of course, you opt for Content Development.

We focus on making things look great, first and foremost. Proofreading your text for grammar and proper English is not included as part of the scope of the project—and is entirely your responsibility—unless you elect for us to.

Expect slow changes and a costlier project if you deliver content to us piecemeal.

We understand there are times you might need the process of content delivery and integration to be more of a fluid back-and-forth process as a project gets built, but immediate changes will not be made if content comes to us piecemeal after we have began the process of building your website or design. Additionally, for each round of content delivery requiring us to update the project that exceeds to allotted rounds specified in the proposal, we bill $200.

Content must be delivered in format we need, or else you may add Content Conversion as an extra service!

Photos, videos, and text must be submitted in the final necessary format needed for the project. The time we spend converting content to a usable format will be billed hourly. The basic guidelines are:

 Text in digital copy/paste-able format. Images separated into their own individual .jpg or .png files.

Help us keep the project on track! Please don’t be the cause for a delay in the project...

Priority is for us to finish the project for you in as timely a manner as possible, but being able to do so is a two-way street. We need you to be on your game as well! If the project is delayed more than 10 business days due to client issues (e.g., content delivery delays, assigned tasks not completed, delays in feedback):

• We reserve the right to terminate the contract as defined at

• We may complete the project with placeholder content and bill for project total. (If delay is due to lack of client content delivery.)

• We may choose to place project "on hold" and bill for work to date. To continue project, client must pay 10% (of original project total) project reactivation fee so work may begin again under original proposal with a new project timeline/schedule.

• Such delays by client will cause the project schedule to be pushed behind other projects we are actively working on, even if project is paid for in full, causing further delays.

• A rush fee will be charged to client if client delays the project then wishes for the project to still be completed in a timely manner.

Your responsibilities are most important to keep a project from being delayed.

In the interest of efficiency and keeping costs low, we often will require you to complete all of your responsibilities (content, feedback, etc.) before we complete ours. Doing things piecemeal will inevitably increase cost of the project.

Your feedback is needed to stay on track, and for the outcome of the project to be awesome!

We need you to submit your feedback within three days of receipt of design files or similar in order to keep the project alive and rolling.

We work Monday–Friday 9am to 5pm.

Excluding standard US holidays and the occasional need to refuel.  Requests for work outside of our normal hours will be billed at rate defined below.

Turnaround time for reasonable requests is 3-5 five business days.

Though we always do aim to be quicker than that, client requests requiring a turnaround less than 5 days will be billed at a rush rate.


Requests for out of scope work will incur cost.

Unplanned components, ideas, revisions, and project scope happen - when there is an unexpected event or requests that will incur a cost we will bill for the extra time, at our hourly rate. We will mention if is something is out of scope before we produce it, meaning if we do produce it, doing so will add cost. Only once the additional costs exceed 15% of the project total do we require approval of a change order showing impact on price and schedule.

Client requested tweaks/changes on websites that have already launched is always billed as out-of-scope.

Websites have the ability to constantly improved, tweaked and updated, but client requested tweaks on websites that have already launched are considered out-of-scope of the original project and are billed at our hourly rate. This includes any issues that arise post-launch or release.

A "revision" constitutes a change or variation to an initially presented design concept.

When it comes to revising your piece, you might be wondering what exactly constitutes a revision. A revision constitutes a change or variation to an initially presented—or in-progress—design concept, and is typically a change of less than 1/4 of the design. A revision is simply meant to be a slight modification or course correction to progress toward the final design. A new design concept is not considered a revision. This means that a new design concept would be an addition to the project, and would need to be estimated separately.

We'll be your hero with your computer/browser issues, but it’s never included in project scope.

Support for computer issues (e.g., browser and anti-virus issues) is always out-of-scope, but we are happy to be your hero on the matter if needed.

If it isn’t in the proposal, it isn’t in scope.

If something isn’t explicitly written in the proposal or quote, suffice it to say it isn’t included as part of the project scope. Seems silly to have to say this, but you will receive exactly the deliverables specified in the proposal, no more, no less, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing.


• Completed questionnaire

• Executed proposal, agreement to these terms and schedule

• 30% to 50% nonrefundable down payment (depending on project size)

• Delivery of all content from client to Envie


• Client testing/signoff

• Final payment of remaining balance


• Pay online at or through your account at

• Mail a check to 190 E. 9th Ave, Ste 400, Denver, CO 80203

• Payments are due within 30 days of invoice—unless specified otherwise—but final files will not be delivered and your website will not launch until final payment is received.

• All payments are non-refundable, unless of course Envie fails to ever start the project—which has never happened. :)

• You may not withhold amounts due, and failure to pay (past 30 days of invoice) will result in late fees and disruption of service. We do not complete any new or pending work if you have an overdue invoice with us.

• There is a $20 fee for bounced checks.


• Website maintenance requests must be submitted through or via . We offer support packages (viewable at, or we bill at our hourly rate.

• We code to the latest standards and industry trends, which means we cannot guarantee your website will appear correctly on outdated operating systems and browsers.


• Our standard hourly rate mentioned in this document is $140/hr

• Our rush rate mentioned in this document is $200/hr

• In the rare cases of rush work, requested outside of our normal hours, the rate is $280/hr

updated Feb 23, 2015. subject to change without notice.

Envie Media


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